Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online real-time tactics game developed by Chinese studio Booming Games, published by in Russia and in Europe and North America and published by Booming Games in South America, MENA (North Africa and Middle East), Asia and Pacific. It is set in an open world inspired by medieval and feudal civilizations, and centers around siege combat, commanding units in real-time, and seizing territory from other players in online battles. The game is released for ages 9 and up.

Conqueror’s Blade features turn-based strategy and real-time tactics gameplay in online battles, similar to the Total War or Command & Conquer series. Players can directly take control of a warlord, who will issue orders to regiments that follow them into battle.

Units and classes
Players select a warlord from 11 available fighting classes, each with their own weapon specialization, and can customize the gender and appearance. Available weapons include the Longsword (and shield), short sword (and shield), glaive, poleaxe, musket, nodachi, spear, dualblades, shortbow, longbow and maul. The warlord can be controlled directly in combat via 3rd person view, and can be used to issue commands to different units on the battlefield and during sieges. In the game you can find units like Winged Hussars, Tercio Arquebusiers, Cataphract Lancers, and other units from different Eastern and Western civilizations.[5]

Types of battles
There are 5 types of matched battles: Standard Battles, Territory Wars, Expeditions, Events and Ranked Battles.

In Standard Battles you can find Training Camp (AI) and Field Battles where players need to capture flags and defeat enemies to reduce enemy’s points and Siege Battles where attackers must to capture the final flag to win and defenders must hold at least the last flag at timeout. Territory Wars are available twice per week. During the Territory War, Houses can declare war on non-neutral fiefs at a cost of their prestige. After declaring war House members can go to the targeted fief(s) and join the battle. Expeditions are PVE battles where a team of five players team up against formidable enemies for great rewards. Event battles are made up of Free Battles and Deathmatch.

In all of these battles (without Deathmatch) warlords can direct units to attack, follow, or take formation on the battlefield.

Players can also form Houses with other players. This guild-like system allows players to form alliances to share resources and rewards, and team up to participate in larger battles and territory wars.

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